Here are some of the animals we have kept over the years.

Each of our presenters has their own collection of animals so, depending on which " Lizard Guy" performs for your group, some of our "extended family" may not be available for your presentation.

Bearded dragon   African "Pyxie" bullfrog

Cape gopher snake   "Tickles", an African spurred tortoise

Leopard gecko   Albino San Diego gopher snake

Blue-tongued skink   "Ozzy", a Marine toad

Green lacerta   Red-footed tortoise

"Angelica", a Boa constrictor   Rosehair tarantula

"Smokey", a 3-toed box turtle   Bearded dragon

Mali uromastyx   "Paco", an African spurred tortoise

"Freaky Freddie", a Dumpy treefrog   Leopard geckos

Transpecos ratsnake   Road-ready roach!

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