Click the start arrow to watch Enzo The Lizard Guy educate a group of children about reptiles at a library in Springfield, New Jersey. While showing animals such as "Fang", a Carpet python, "French Fry", an albino Burmese python & a
Blue-tongued skink, Enzo explains facts like what the eat & how they smell (Phew, someone needs a Tic-Tac!).

Click the start arrow to watch Silly Billy The Lizard Guy perform to a crowd in East Brunswick, New Jersey. In this particular presentation, the audience was introduced to a variety of live exotic animals such as an African bullfrog, an albino San Diego gopher snake, an Emperor scorpion, a Red footed tortoise and an albino Burmese python.

Click the start arrow to see Enzo The Lizard Guy teach a group of children and adults about various reptiles in a New Jersey preschool. During this clip, the audience is introduced to "Cream" the Leopard gecko, "Shrek" the patternless Burmese python & those "fashionable" green suspenders!

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